Who we are

Ángel Camacho is a 100% family-owned food company that works to offer the best food products to consumers all over the world, adding flavour to their lives, and that seeks to generate and create shared value for all its stakeholders and society as a whole.

Local roots, global outlook, innovative character and strong commitment to sustainability are the hallmarks that define our company.

A family tradition that started in 1897

In 1897, the Camacho family initiated its tradition in Morón de la Frontera (Seville) with the production of olive oil. Since then, the family business has turned into a leading multinational group that produces and markets a broad and varied range of food products, including table olives, olive oil, pickles, fruit preserves and herbal teas.


Santiago Camacho Román tarts a family business in Morón de la Frontera (Spain) with the marketing of olive oil and cereals.



Creation of the FRAGATA brand. Today, the FRAGATA brand is used for olive oils, table olives and other Mediterranean specialities, and is marketed in more than 85 countries. Visit the website >


Mr. Ángel Camacho Alarcón, son of the founder, takes over the company and expands its activity to include the processing and marketing of table olives.



Development of technology for processing table olives. The first machines (pitting and stuffing machines) bring about a real industrial revolution in the table olive industry.


Acquisition of SPECIALTY FOOD PACKING & IMPORTING CO. (Chicago, USA), thus initating the internationalisation of the company, with the implementation of its own distribution facilities abroad.


Constitution of several agricultural companies in the province of Seville, mainly dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves.


Construction begins on a new olive factory in Morón de la Frontera, which incorporates important innovations in olive processing.



Constitution of A.CAMACHO UK LTD. (Cambridgeshire, England), which markets the group’s products in the United Kingdom and Ireland and offers a full service to the main British retail chains.

Worldwide launching of the “Pouch Pack“, a revolutionary packaging for olives.


Start-up of an innovative industrial water treatment plant next to the Morón de la Frontera factory, which treats water from the processing and packing of of table olives, allowing it to be reused for irrigation and other industrial processes.


First olive supplier in the world with a certified environmental programme.

Certificación de calidad: ISO 14001.


Creation of the US business unit MARIO CAMACHO FOODS (Plant City, USA) to cover the American market, the company’s main market. Discover its range of products >


Launch of Fragata Snack Pack, an easy-open, flexible pack containing pitted and marinated olives without brine.


Joining of the United Nations Global Compact and publication of our first Sustainability Report. We become the first company to calculate and verify the carbon footprint of our olives and fruit preserves.

View Sustainability Report >


Construction of a new 6,000m2 logistics centre, which initiates an industrial modernisation project to further increase the environmental and energy efficiency of the facilities in Morón.


Implementation of “Camacho Integra”, an innovative farmer evaluation system that is fully integrated in the Spanish table olive value chain, and ensures control from the field to the points of sale.


Entry in the equity of CARTIER SAADA S.A., a Moroccan olive company.


Entry in the equity of MANI FOODS S.A., one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of the Kalamata olive variety with designation of origin.


Start of an energy self-consumption project with the installation of more than 1,700 solar panels at the facilities in Morón and León.

Entry in the equity of the Italian food company SAMA S.p.A., which markets a wide range of canned fruits, vegetables, snacks,sweeteners and nuts.


The Ángel Camacho Group’s consolidated sales in 2021 were 206.2 million euros, rising to 252 million euros in 2022. Of this figure, the largest percentage corresponds to the turnover of Ángel Camacho Alimentación, the main business unit.


Values determine our priorities and help us to make the right decisions. There are five key values that we always keep in mind and that guide our actions, both as individuals and as professionals.


We market our products under a wide range of brands – Fragata, La vieja fábrica, Susarón, Loreto and Mario – which are highly regarded and recognised in the market.


Our food specialities are adapted to the tastes of each market and packaged under our recognised brands.

Business units

The Ángel Camacho Group has companies located in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Greece and Italy, as well as sales offices in Poland, Russia and Malaysia.

Local roots and global outlook is our identity.