Our commitment

As a family business, we have a long-term vision with the aim of generating and creating shared value for all our stakeholders and society as a whole.


Consumers are undoubtedly the reason-why of all the companies in the Ángel Camacho Group and the company fully engages in satisfying their needs with high-quality products that combine tradition and innovation.

Quality is a differential value of all our brands and products, and translates into trust, which in turn translates into safety.

In terms of innovation, apart from adapting our products to the tastes of today’s consumers, we offer increasingly varied ranges to meet new needs while aiming to achieve the best consumer experience. We do all of this while always preserving the flavour of our products so that they are appreciated, desired, nutritious, healthy and sustainable.

Our innovative character is also reflected in our ability to adapt to changes and new market realities. In this regard, we have launched new online sales channels that offer consumers a quick and easy alternative for purchasing their most sought-after products.

Health and Safety Policy

Highest standards of the Food Safety and Quality Management System.


Our company has more than one thousand customers around the world, ranging from large retail chains to small local supermarkets, each with their own particular needs and requirements.

Offering agile and efficient responses to all our customers is key to guaranteeing the distribution of our products. The trust placed in us by our customers is the result of fostering close and stable long-term relationships based on transparency and honesty in order to generate shared value.

R + D + i policy

proveedores Suppliers

In carrying out its activities, the company maintains commercial relations with around 400 top-level suppliers to ensure the supply of the best-quality and safest raw materials or components necessary to produce the products we market.

We have long-standing, trusting and stable relationships, some of them extending over 25 years. We see both as key factors in mutual growth and development.

We promote constant collaboration initiatives with our suppliers to drive continuous improvement in areas such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the promotion of the circular economy as a vehicle to promote a more sustainable society and future.

Code of Ethics


The Ángel Camacho Group’s commitment to local communities has been, is and will continue to be one of its main hallmarks.

We believe collaborating with the communities in which we are present is a priority as it is a lever for social development that reinforces our strategy of creating shared value with all our stakeholders.

This means we are involved in many initiatives to further promote social investment, equal opportunities, education, economic development, employment and sport. This is all carried out a local level.

Environmental and Energy Policy


People are what have made the Ángel Camacho Group the benchmark company it is today. They are what drives our company and gives it soul. Our commitment to them means we offer the best possible working environment, promoting quality employment through stability, equal opportunities, diversity,
training, talent development and, above all, health and safety protection.

Our human resources are absolutely key to the future development of the company, so having more committed, prepared, motivated and happy professionals will help us to continue advancing along the path we have set.


Ángel Camacho is firmly committed to the environment. Controlling the environmental impact of its activities has been a priority for decades.


Ángel Camacho is a family-run food company with a clear global outlook, formed by a group of internationally recognised companies.

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